A code signing certificate is like a special digital signature for computer programs, kind of like how people sign their names on important documents to show that they’re the ones who made it. When a computer program is created, it needs to be signed with a code signing certificate to prove that it really came from the person or company that made it. This helps to ensure that the program hasn’t been tampered with or infected with any harmful viruses or malware. Just like you wouldn’t want to eat candy that someone you don’t know gave you, your computer doesn’t want to run a program that it doesn’t trust. A code signing certificate helps your computer know that it’s safe to run the program.


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For independent developers like us, obtaining a code signing certificate can be a challenging and costly process, even for software such as the Devoyed Logo Generator. The fees for obtaining a certificate can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, and the validation process can be time-consuming, making it difficult to justify the expense.


However, it is still safe to download and use our software during its beta phase, as we take every precaution to ensure its safety and reliability. We understand the importance of software security and are working diligently to make our product as secure as possible. Once the beta phase is complete, we will begin the process of obtaining a code signing certificate to provide our users with an extra layer of security.


As an independent developer, we recognize the importance of code signing certificates in ensuring the security and reliability of software. While obtaining a certificate can be challenging and costly, we are committed to providing our users with a safe and secure product. During the beta phase of the Devoyed Logo Generator, users can trust in the safety and reliability of our software, and we will obtain a code signing certificate once the beta phase is complete.

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